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A tax break for charitable donations is slated to end soon, and most employers say they won’t require vaccines if courts block Biden’s mandate


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Most employers say they won’t require vaccines if courts block Biden’s mandate

President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees is in limbo since a federal appeals court halted it last month. Read more

A tax break for charitable donations is slated to end soon — here’s how to use it before it disappears

‘The need just keeps getting greater and people are hurting out there,’ said one IRS official. Read more

These new Kia and Hyundai EVs are both rated for more than 300 miles of range

In a round of sibling rivalry, the Kia EV6 Long Range emerges with a narrow victory, rated at 310 miles of electric range with rear-wheel drive. Read more

Why get cash back when you can get wine? Some new credit cards are going beyond typical rewards.

A number of new credit cards are reimagining the role a rewards program could play in your life. Read more

Holy cow! Colorado rancher bilked investors out of $5 million in cattle Ponzi scam

Prosecutors say Richard Sears told investors he was developing a new breed of cattle but never delivered on promised returns. Read more

Was the deadly Kentucky tornado due to climate change? It’s ‘complicated’

Warm weather on Friday was a crucial factor as tornados chewed up parts of at least five states, but whether the long-run impacts of climate change is a factor is not quite as clear, and research is still evolving. Read more

How to help tornado victims in Kentucky and elsewhere — ‘We’re going to grieve and then we’re going to rebuild’

Where to donate to help tornado victims, who often need help for months and even years after the public has moved on. Read more

Americans expect higher prices for another year — with one big exception

Americans lowered their expectations for home prices in the year ahead, according to the New York Fed’s monthly Survey of Consumer Expectations. Read more

Want a faster car? Just download more horsepower

It’s not cheap, but if you’re willing to drop an additional four figures into your car, Polestar lets you download another 67 horsepower. Read more

Where is Tesla’s Cybertruck?

Elon Musk said on Twitter that Tesla’s Cybertruck is still on its way and will launch with four electric motors driving each of its wheels independently. Read more

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