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Crypto Claptrap: A Trading Plan for Bitcoin Season


It’s that time again… Chris and I are releasing our second episode of Crypto Claptrap, our monthly conversation on all things crypto, including our predictions on where things are headed next.

We approached this series as two otherwise normal investors from humble beginnings, who managed to make life-changing money in crypto… without even trying that hard.

We’re not experts, because we don’t have to be. And our goal with this series is to show how ANYONE with an internet connection can get involved in this space and seriously move the needle on their wealth — and FAST.

Check out the latest episode below, and we hope you enjoy.

We covered quite a few topics in this month’s episode…

Why it’s likely bitcoin’s time to shine as we close out 2021

Important charts to keep on your watchlist

What NFTs are, why they’re so popular, and their unique qualities

The burgeoning competition in smart contracts

And a whole lot more!

Now, if you’re totally new to crypto, we spent last month’s Claptrap going over some of the basics. You might want to check out that video first right here.

But either way, be sure to like both videos and subscribe to our channel. It helps us share these insights with other like-minded folks and continue delivering you our newest and best ideas.


Mike Merson
Managing Editor, True Options Masters

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