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Fight Inflation: 3 Things You Should Do Right Now 


One thing on everyone’s mind right now (investment wise at least 😂): inflation. 

No one wants to pay double what they used to pay for gas or milk. But what can you do about it?  

Well, I’m going to tell you three things you should do right now to fight inflation. Watch my video for all three — including: 

First, you could be losing 5%-6% of your money if you’re doing this. 
Second, where do you put that money?  
Third, invest in deflationary technology. And I’ll share my recommendations for that today.  

Innovation is the way forward in America 2.0 and if you’re out, you may be left behind — stuck with inflation and missing out on big gains.   

Don’t! Watch for three actions and start fighting inflation today:  


Paul Mampilly 

Editor, Profits Unlimited 

Ever Wonder Why I Do What I Do? To find you profits with purpose and ways you can fight inflation by investing in deflationary technology? Or recommending the America 2.0 stocks that I believe will change the world and potentially be big winners in your portfolio? Watch this very special 17-minute video ❤️ for the answer.  

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