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Your Crypto Buy for Dow 100K


My shoes are laced, my muscles are stretched, my water bottle is filled and ready.

This Saturday, I’m running the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore for charity.

I’m not really a “runner,” but it’s great exercise for a great cause.

And it’s not the only race I’m gearing up for right now.

As an investor, I’m in the race competing to beat the mostly America 1.0 stocks from the S&P 500 and Dow Jones with America 2.0 opportunities.

Now, you may be familiar with some predictions I’ve made for the Dow Jones and bitcoin reaching 100,000.

Well, just this past week, both contenders broke out to make new all-time highs.

Bitcoin reached $68,524, and the Dow’s new high is 36,565.

This is quite an exciting time.

Now to be clear, in the race to 100K, I think bitcoin will win the race — maybe even before year-end. The Dow will take years to get there with the help from some America 2.0 players.

So today I want to talk about why these new 52-week highs are great and why you should be ready to let them run higher.

Dow + Bitcoin = More Upside?

We are incredibly bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on the future of America 2.0 opportunities.

There are game-changing mega trends — like fintech, precision medicine, AI, crypto, blockchain — that are connecting the world and improving the way we do things in more ways than one.

The market share they are taking away from old-world systems is mind-boggling.

Bitcoin is stealing wealth from traditional stores of value, like gold, real estate, derivatives, fine art, currency and more. Combined … these old-world assets make up a total market worth over $1 quadrillion.

Just think of the room for disruption from America 2.0 players like bitcoin.

2021 has seen major milestones push bitcoin forward.

El Salvador made it legal tender.

The entire crypto market cap is $3 trillion. Bitcoin makes up more than a third of it.

And bitcoin’s year-to-date return is 130%, as the Dow lags with a 20%.

However, I think the tide has turned and many companies are warming up to the idea of putting bitcoin on their balance sheets.

I think this will help push the overall Dow index higher as more companies in the Dow purchase bitcoin.

With El Salvador’s legal tender, it means the McDonald’s (which holds a place in the Dow) in that country has to accept bitcoin.

These dominos that continue to fall only help the case that companies will likely hoard reserves of bitcoin.

As the price of bitcoin increases, this will push up the market cap of companies that hold bitcoin.

Bitcoin Bull Run Is Here: Let It RUN!

Just this week, bitcoin broke above 68K.

The last notable peak was in April before selling pressure cratered the price. So, the Strong Hands are celebrating!

Except now, more milestones are unfolding. Even famous actors — Matt Damon, Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow — are sporting their bitcoin buys.

Rising prices psychologically drives more buying. And as more people look to get in, it drives the price higher.

In other words, bitcoin is in demand.

We believe bitcoin won’t just stop at $100K but keep exploding higher in the years to come.

It’s easier than ever to purchase bitcoin through digital apps like Coinbase.

If you haven’t dipped your toes into the space yet, now is the time.

Add bitcoin (BTC) to your equal-weighted portfolio before the Dow Jones companies or other large entities step in before you.

The evolution of money is happening, and we don’t want you to miss out.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Bitcoin’s Fueling THIS 2.0 Story You’re Not Hearing About…

Bitcoin $100K? That’s small compared to Ian’s bitcoin price target of $350K in the next one to two years of this bull run! Either way, you can win.

Bitcoin’s next run could make you very rich. But not just with bitcoin…

You see, when there’s a huge bid under bitcoin’s price, smaller, little-known altcoins can rip higher.

When bitcoin first started climbing a little over a year ago, it didn’t take long for the altcoin market to follow. And the gains were crazy. Within a year:

One altcoin went up 651%.
Another went up 1,300%.
This coin went up 2,600%!

The cryptoverse is heating up again, ready to repeat history. It’s happening FAST, so I recommend you get started quickly.

Get all the details here.

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